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BGV A3 / DGUV V 3 - Inspection of Mobile Electrical Appliances

WAKO is reliable for guarantee of their employees'  security and health at work.

The assignment of tasks to employees (§ 4 of work contract) requires, that they have the necessary knowledge and experiences (see § 7 "Basics of prevention" (GUV-V A1 resp. BGV A1)). The employees' effort takes place within the bounds of a contract for work; it's not temping.

In technical and disciplinary matters WAKO's  "Responsible Skilled Electrician " has the authority above the electricians.

Tasks, competences and responsibilities have been delegated to this person.


Inspection Instruments and Tools

WAKO makes available measuring instruments, computer, laptop, tools, equipment, working clothes and personal protection equipment to their employees in order to fulfil their tasks.

During their stay at our customers' facilities it's the employees' duty to wear working clothes as well as carrying along an official identity card. 


Data Processing

Measuring data are safed on a memory card. These data will be combined with the inspection records and will be made available to the customer.


Taking Measures

The inspection for ascertain the electrical security of mobile electrical appliances and plants are carried out by skilled electricians.

WAKO has signed contracts with their employees, in which the rights and duties are determined. The skilled electricians are appointed as "enabled person" at the customers on behalf of WAKO as inspector within the bounds of a service- and work contract.


Enabled Person

According to the Technical Rule for Safety at work "Enabled persons - special requirements - electrical risks" - TRBS 1203 part 3 - the enabled person has to have passed an electrotechnical apprendiceship for the inspection of mobile electrical appliances to protect against electrical risks. For the inspection of mobile electrical appliances the electrician has to be knowledgeable about electrical engineering as well as about the electrotechnical rules and also he has to update his knowledges.