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We Lead and Control

Fairs are complex creations with a high appearance of people, innovations and values. Exhibitors, fair employees, visitors or outside companies, they all have a high claim to security with regard to

  • processes free from interference
  • service including personal care and competence in information and
  • logistics


Beside the protection of persons and exhibits the focus of security tasks during a fair is also directed to technical object security and prevention of fire.

Depending on the kind of fair and the security concept we can perform all classical elements of security, for example

  • admission control and gate services
  • wardrobe, information and hostess services as well as sales of tickets
  • guarding of exhibition stand
  • hall foremen and supervision
  • traffic leading, supervision of parking facility, shuttle service
  • patrol and locking services
  • firewatch 

Due to high appearance of people, events have a special character of security.

Actors, employees, visitors or outside companies - they all have a high claim to

  • courses which are free from interference
  • practicality of measures at onset of special occurents
  • personnel care and competence at giving information
  • simple logistics
  • clear navigation
  • service


The mentioned points require the use of special trained security personnel. Beside protection of persons, technical securing of facilities, overcoming of emergencies, experiences in deescalation as well as prevention of damage and fire are in the focus of training in event security.

We contribute with special trained personnel to realize the protection concepts by

  • preventative fire protection
  • collaboration by creation and realization of emergency- and evacuation plans
  • checking and support of rescue fittings by access controls
  • securance of emergency exits
  • provision of first aid