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Private Households

Your Property in Safe Hands

Flats, houses, villas, leisure estates, campsites (caravans) as well as the sailing yacht in the harbour -  owners want their properties to be well-secured.

Therefore the personal security concept should be expressed and liably communicated with the architect already in the planning of a new building. Later refittings cause higher costs and often a worse standard - at least with regard to the aesthetic.

We assist with the drawing up of such a concept. An association of insurances "Verband der Sachversicherer (VdS)"  has worked out guidelines, of which we gather and recommend proven securance proposals. The individual concepts, developed by a lot of information, and our offered actions help our clients to a subjective secure impression.

We undertake for you for example

  • alarm monitoring
  • intervention in case of alarm
  • personal object controls by patrols or durable supervision
  • furthermore holiday service like emptying the postbox, moving the blinds...
  • and we also water the flowers!