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Trade / Logistics

Sale Instead of Decrease

Ware inventory descrepancies by various causes reduce the company's results. Not only shoplifting leads to high losses, also insider and suppliers cause great damages during transporting and storing.

But the desire of security in the trade is not limited to the prevention of inventory descrepancies. Equally the protection of objects and ware against harmful influences like fire, water damage and other restructions are superficial.

Preventive security actions by personal services and technical supervisions, in common with other internal security actions, lead to the desired success. With logical concepts, which we draw up together with our clients, we fight against the stock decrease and other risks.

We secure trading companies by

  • patrols
  • deployment of doormen
  • alarm supervision with intervention
  • videosupervision
  • supervision of incoming and outgoing of goods (also underdiver)
  • deployment of store detectives