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Within the bounds of effort of our specialists in work safety we support the costumer in work safety and in accident prevention in all questions of work safety inclusive the humane planning of work.

Especially we advise in:

  • planning, execution and maintenance of administration- and operating equipment as well as social and sanitary facilities

  • providing of technical tools and the introduction of working procedure and working materials

  • the selection and trial of bodyprotection devices

  • planning of working places, process, surroundings and other questions of ergonomics

  • inspection of administration- and operating equipment as well as technical working tools, especially before putting into service but also during operation and at introduction and alteration of working process

  • carrying out of work protection and accident prevention. In this connection we inspect the places of work periodically and report flaws to the person responsible for work protection and accident prevention and propose measures to dispose those flaws

  • We keep an eye on the use of body protection devices

  • We investigate causes of work accidents, record and analyze the results and propose measures of prevention of those accidents

  • We work for that all employees behave according to the requirements of work protection and accident prevention, and we teach them especially in accident and health risks, which can occure during their work, as well as above facilities and measures for warding off those risks and we work in the training of the representative of security

  • At fulfilment of these tasks we work together with our customer's company doctors